It was in September 2014 that Li Na, famous Chinese tennis player hung up her racquets as a professional player, thus retiring from the game.

However, the year following has been some pretty rosy ones for her in terms of finance.

According to a recent CNN piece, IMG’s Max Eisenbud who is Li’s agent has it that the tennis star recently “made somereally big money” on Chinese reality TV programs. Since after retiring from the sport three years ago, there has been more and more opportunities for Li Na to pad her earnings, while also furthering her personal brand’s visibility.

Eisenbud, who also serves in the capacity of Maria Sharapova’s agent made mention of how much they have passed on and how much interest there is in so many things. Read more »


Li Na, one of China’s greatest Tennis Star will be entering into a new partnership with Nike, which would see her introducing her own clothing line.

Despite it being no less than 2 years since she retired from the sort, Li Na still remains a household name amongst some of the biggest companies of the world.

The star tennis player who became the first Grand Slam singles champion in Asia won the Grand Slam two times and held the world No. 2 position before finally quitting the sport in 2014.

She partners with Nike, her long-time clothing sponsor in this new move which will see them release the Li Na collection this month in China. Read more »


Asian tennis player Na Li announced via Facebook that she is pregnant with her second child. Just ahead of the French Open, an event she won in 2011, Li wrote for herself and her husband, Jiang “Dennis” Shan.

“We are very excited to add a new member to our family and for our daughter Alisa to have a younger sibling,” the post read.

She did not disclose when exactly the baby would be born, choosing rather to keep her fans in suspense. However, she hinted that it would be “later this year.” Na will soon have the same number of children as she does major singles titles.

Fans took to her Facebook page to congratulate her even as some confessed that they were not so pleased with her early retirement. Li, who retired in 2014, seems she to be fully enjoying her time off. In the post, the 34-year-old also revealed a new endorsement with Nongfu Spring Baby Water and the Wuhan Open – the WTA tour event that will again be held in her birthplace during the season’s so-called Asian swing after the U.S. Open. Read more »

Na Li A Unique Name Among Chinese Stars

Many women tennis stars decide to go the domestic way eventually.

That is the case with Li Na as well. She once held the second position in the world of tennis. She was a Grand Slam champion two times. She is considered to be a pioneering one woman star as well. However, about a year back, she decided to step back from her tennis career and start off down the family line. As a result the last match that she played was in 2014. That was the championships at Wimbledon. She then returned to Wuhan, her hometown. Here she played in the first edition of the home tournament, Wuhan Open. Once that was over she decided to give it all up.

She is considered a Chinese tennis star in many ways. Though she might not have reached the top rankings of WTA, she pioneered many successes in her field. The Australian Open in 2011 saw her upset the reigning number one player, Caroline Wozniacki. She was then one of the firsts to reach the Grand Slam finals in the singles category and of Asian origin. Read more »

Li Na has backed Flavia Pennetta’s decision to bid adieu

Li Na has backed Flavia Pennetta’s decision to bid adieu to Tennis straight after clinching the crown at Flushing Meadows. In the views of the Chinese veteran, an athlete should always make the exit while being at the peak.

Li herself also retired at a time when nobody was expecting her to do so.

The 33 year-old reckons it’s not easy to continue being a professional player when you get into your thirties. You have to stay away from your family and it takes toll on you eventually.

Speaking to a website, Li, who is now a mommy to a beautiful little girl, said, “Tennis is something which holds huge importance in the lives of us players, but, it can’t be your whole life. You have an actual life beyond it, you have your family and friends and at a certain stage, you feel as if it’s getting a little difficult to keep on touring and then, you move on.”

“I can hundred percent understand what must have been going through Flavia’s mind. We two are almost of same ages. I even had a chat with her recently in Singapore and she did not look regretful at all at the decision that she made.” Read more »

Li Na fans would now be able to watch her story on the big screen

The Li Na fans would now be able to watch her story on the big screen as one of the leading production companies in Asia has decided to make a film on the inspiring career of the two-time Grand Slam Champion.

Li is not the most successful tennis player of all time, but, she is a legend because of the background she came from.

She started her journey from a country where the game of tennis was not that popular. But, she did not panic. She believed in herself that she could go on to great heights and make a difference to the coming generations.

And, of course, she met the right people in her life too. Her journey might not have been as smooth and incredible as it turned out to be without her husband who also coached her.

People close to Li say that the amount of temper that she had, it would have been very hard for any other guy to tolerate her, but, her husband took all her emotions in his stride with a smile on his face.

Li herself has also praised her husband publically a number of times suggesting that he has been a great impact on her career.

The production company that will be pursuing the project has not yet announced the names of the actor and the actress who will be performing the roles of Li and her husband in the movie. Read more »