1. i dont think so, she wasn’t bordered too much by her injuries. and she was playing really well throughout the hole match, Vika was just to good. i think Vika would have won with or without Li’s injuries! remember Vika isnt Maria who got destroyed be Li 6-2 6-2 ;-). and I’m glad Vika won, cause the is better then Li and Maria anyway!

  2. I love them both a lot, was really torn on who to root for. I wanted both to win their second major 🙁 Great mental toughness from Vika though, you have to give her that, under those circumstances

  3. Li Na could of won. Such bad timing that she got injured twice. Wanted to see her lift up the cup!

  4. A Li Na vs Azarenka rivalry would be more competitive to watch than Vika vs. Serena or Maria; those matches (with the exception of the 2012 US Open) are one way traffic. Here’s to a great 2013!

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