Li Na didnt stopped travelling even after retirement

Generally after retirement, the players stop travelling a lot, but, with Li Na, it’s different. The 32-year old Chinese woman might not be a professional player any more, but, she is still travelling as much as she used to be before.

She was in America a couple of months back with her husband for vacations and then, she went to Shenzhen for the trophy distribution ceremony on the final day of the tournament there.

Currently, Li is in OZ. She has been named the brand ambassador of the Grand Slam that is going to take place there shortly.

So, it’s not that she has stayed back at home that much.

According to Li, her post retirement life has been pretty exciting as she has got the opportunity to do stuffs which she couldn’t do as a player.

In an interview with an Australian sports website yesterday, when Li was asked if she feels relaxed now that there is not much travelling to do for her these days, she said, “There hasn’t been any change in terms of travelling that I have to do. I have had to visit various places in the last 12 months or so, but, I am not complaining. I have enjoyed all the travel. I have got to do interesting things.”

On Kei Nishikori and if he can be that great a force in the male category, Li said, “Kei is another fantastic talent from our continent and what I like about him is that he is temperamentally very good too.”

“The talent is something that many young players possess, but, it’s the mental side of your game which matters and Kei seems to be fine in that regard. I hope he goes the long distance and achieves big things in his career.”

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