1. Eugenie is young BUT she needs to learn to play with strategy. Eugenie kept
    on hitting the ball to Li Na’s backhand that is not smart. Li’s backhand is
    the weapon.

  2. Looking back here, just as I thought that Bouchard will continue to rise.
    Now Li is back to her usual sleeping mode after a huge win and it’s
    Bouchard who just qualified to the Wimbledon final. Actually, Bouchard
    still lacks those killing shots although she’s definitely top 10 material.
    She needs to play a lot better and holds her nerve well on Saturday.
    Otherwise she would be reduced to Pushard once again and mauled by Kvitova,
    who plays pretty much like Li. 

  3. eugenie needs to bulk up a little…nonetheless her future is definitely
    looking much brighter compared to other youngsters eg robson and watson!

  4. Li Na did to Bouchard here what I expect her to do against Cibulkova in the
    final. She’s such a solid player, all she has to do is keep her cool and
    make her shots and she will have the first AO win of her career. Best of
    luck to both Li Na and Dominica Cibulkova in the final! 

  5. Bouchard reduced to Pushard in this match… But that’s expected since it’s
    Li on the other side of the net. I can see Bouchard as the future top
    player though.

  6. Well, all the credits to Li Na, who’s been really solid in this match. I
    gave 100% chances of winning to her before the match, and it will probably
    give some experience to Bouchard, because If she wants to be part of the
    big league, she’ll need to play a lot against the elite(even if she loses)

  7. hah the most useful tip Bouchard could have used against li is: DONT GO THE
    BH side of li on a 2nd serve!!

  8. Li Na’s backhand…so smooth, crisp and fluid. Like melted galaxy

  9. Bouchard is a great player and scrambler but she will have to develop a big
    weapon in order to compete with the top 5 players. she will need a big
    serve or a big ground stroke if she wants to be a top 10 player.

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