Li Na is one player who has always been very honest in her interviews. Some of her statements have got her into trouble as well, despite that, she never holds back whenever she comes in front of the press. She speaks frankly and doesn’t care what her critics think of her.

She was no different while talking to one of the Chinese websites yesterday. Whichever questions she got asked, she answered them honestly.

When asked which player in the world she loves facing, she said, “I would say its Petra Kvitova. She is a good friend of mine and we like to talk to each other. We talk not only about the game, but, about the other aspects of life as well. However, when we are on the court, we compete hard. Once, I had even got pissed off at Petra’s coach, but, when that match got over, we cracked jokes and had fun.”

When asked about her biggest positive, Li said, “I think I have got better with age. I am in my early thirties at the moment and I feel that I am physically stronger now. I have got some experience as I have been around in the professional circuit since quite some time and I make smarter moves on the court now.”

When asked what message she wants to give to her fans through her book, Li said, “I want my fans to understand that I am also a normal human being like them. There is nothing special about me. I had my goal and I worked hard to achieve that and that’s what I want everybody to do. Everybody must set a target for himself and try to get to that.”

Li is currently at the third position in the world rankings.