1. First Grandslam title for an Asian! Truly there’s a first time for everything…

  2. What`s the difference between Chinese Communists and Nazis??

    Answer: The mustache 🙂

  3. Just watched the whole game yesterday, impressive. Wasnt expecting these two players in the final.

  4. @jalusbrian I doesn’t remember this. But anyway, at this level your are pro enough to deal with this stuff. Else, Na will never win the US Open with this noisy crowd 😉 But I dont worry. In my opinion (and Na Li’s;P), her husband is the only serious distraction. But looks like they handled this too. Go Na Li, maybe not Wimbledon but I’m counting on her at the US Open.

  5. Li Na could have won the AO, but just liek this time ,someone called out on court, and this distracted her, after which her game vanished. This time when it happened she kept her poise…and won! AND she thoroughly deserved to win!

  6. Hope Li Na wouldn’t naturalise as a citizen of other nations as many other Chinese talents did and hope she could boost the development of morale in China – she could try to change things for the better rather than emigrate.

  7. I am sorry for Schiavone, but glad that she made it so far and doesn’t let her beaten by a player like Wozniacki. These are two players who go for awesome Winners, thats what we want to see.
    sry for my englsih.

  8. hopefully be a boost to future generation of Chinese players otherwise a come and go affair considering the small number of such players at pro level, well done!!

  9. Amazing for chinese tennis sport. Hope some good players will follow her.

  10. i’m so happy na li won this, she really deserved it. shame she couldn’t win the australian open earlier this year too.

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