1. Looking forward to the day when we can have separate sound tracks for the commentary and the game. Mute one and enjoy the other.

  2. Thanks for the posting… but what is it with this russian commentators???… Is that a social meeting or what????…. they´re having a DAMN conversation during the whole game and never shut the fuck up. Fucking annoying!!!!

  3. click green button inside square box which is placed down right side,
    and let me know what happen

  4. O my good Im the real tennis champ and in my tennis practicing I understud that and why the world still is a big battle field. Im am now retired and have felt enough of the tennis games in the world and the price of it is of course a warm dark blue ultimate ball t-shirt.

  5. Li vs. Sharapova with commentaries in russian mmmm…I am so going to mute this hahah. Thanks for uploading by the way!

  6. If Sharapova do one thing, Sharapova will win her first Frenh Open champion 2012.

  7. great match, but wish the commentators would shut up when they’re playing.

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