1. This is the match I gave up on Li Na I realized after this match this lady is probably NEVER going to win a second slam. Li Na is not mentally tough all she had to do was hit the ball in the open court match over and she would have advanced to the quarterfinals. She just lacks that extra belief very disappointing to see.

  2. Li Na choked she is just not a mentally tough player she reminds me of Sam Stosur has the big weapons but lacks the mind to win. Against Azarenka at the WTA Championships Li Na had a 5-3 lead in the first set went on to lose the match in straight sets. It is the same boring story with Li Na she’s a talented player but mentally fragile and always chokes under pressure.

  3. Should of hit cross court at 1:48! Even if kim would have put her racket on it, it would have been a weak return and easy smash for Li Na…smh

  4. I still find this result hard to believe… Wow. To be up four match points in a tiebreaker and lose…. Na Li really hasn’t played well in the Slams this year at all.

  5. 1″48 LiNa made a bad decision should have picked the other side of the court, that’s so easy a shot!

  6. This is a very very wired match. If you saw full match you will know what I am talking about, not just Li lost 3 match point the 3 set was even wired too. But sad about Kim injury here again and lose to Azaranka.

  7. Uhm, Only two of her match points were unforced errors, Clijsters hit 2 winners on match point.

  8. The return she made to bring up match point should have been the shots through out the tie breaker , but she decided to player 4 math points safe -_- i mean at least go for 2 shots and player the other 2 safe if u have to , instead of playing it safe and just hitting it back to her make her move.

  9. For China, tennis is just in the beginning, we don’t even have so much tennis couch as many western countries do. However, we have more badminton or table tennis couch than we actually need. Therefore, it is commonly to see Na Li doesn’t perform in the way she used to be. I would put hope on the next generation, Na Li somewhat give those younger players a dream.

  10. Can you post the whole match pleaseee :)! or just the third set pleasee :)! leT me know :)!

  11. It’s a surprise to see Na Li choke like this because she has won a major title fairly recently! Now I’m unsure whether she can win another one now.

  12. Na Li = difficulties to finish a match against belgian players ?

    Here is her match against Wickmayer last year :

    /watch?v=2R3rk-eyIY0 put the video at 10:30 this is exactly the same story

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