Federer Doesn’t Want To Retire

Roger Federer doesn’t think that only because he has slowed down a little bit in the last couple of years, he should announce his retirement from the game. He has vowed to keep playing as long as his body and mind supports him to do so.

Federer has seen quite a few heartbreaking loses in the past two seasons. The most recent was his defeat at the hands of the Serbian Novak Djokovic in the final of the Wimbledon Championships. He had lost that match in 5 sets.

The Swiss maestro took a little bit of a break after that setback as he went on a short holiday with his young family. He is back now after getting himself freshened up and is ready for what would be a very competitive hard court season.

Till date, there has not been any tennis player with a bigger fandom than Federer. The 32-year old Switzerland native is immensely popular in most parts of the world. He is the role model for a lot of teen aged players.

When asked if he feels pressurized at times because of being this popular, Federer said, “No, I don’t. I am not special. I am just like any other human. People might consider me as perfect, but, that’s not the case. I’ve got my issues in life too. I am still a learner. I am learning every day.”

When asked if he thinks he is moving towards the day of his retirement, the world no. 3 said, “Look, as long as my fitness is good and I am not finding it hard to soak up the pressure at this level, I will go on.”

Federer would start his hard court season by taking part in the Rogers Cup.