Murray takes phenomenal step by hiring Mauresmo as new coach

In the contemporary age of camouflaged gender inequality where women are still mistakenly charged as “second sex”, Andy Murray has done something really phenomenal that not only heightens the prowess of female tennis players- but also the caliber of womenfolk in general. The #1 British tennis ace has confidently appointed a woman as his new coach and is pretty strong about his decision.

It is the erstwhile #1 female tennis player & double Grand Slam winner Amélie Mauresmo who would be coaching Murray from this season. Murray’s recent step would certainly receive great applause as he has proved himself as a “true man” by defying the age-old conventions that women are not physically or intellectually capable of training men.  Albeit, it’s not that women coaching men tennis players has not happened before yet that is something really rare and hard to find with ace male tennis players.

“Amelie is somebody whom I look up to & have admired always”, said the start Scottish player while announcing the name of his new coach. “She has fought plenty of adversarial situations in her times but again stood up as a fantastic player.”

Speaking high on Amelie’s tactical expertise, Andy noted that she would be able to help a lot to improve him & his present coaching squad that includes hitting partner & longtime coach Daniel Vallverdu.

“I am quite convinced that Amelie would boost up our motivation and prowess”, Murray continued. “I am looking forward to more number of Grand Slams.”

Andy was under the tutelage of Ivan Lendi since the final quarter of 2011 till 2014 March but it was Lendi’s refusal on further commitment that pushed the player to search for a new coach.

Mauresmo, however, is somewhat undeterred with the unconventional step taken by Murray and stated that she is just focused to help out her student in reaching his goals.