Li Aims for Consistency

After the year she has had, you’d have thought that Li Na could sit back, relax and enjoy her new found tennis fame. Whilst she could have rested safe in the knowledge that she was at the top of her game way back in February, the season has been such a topsy turvy one for Na that the end of it leaves her feeling frustrated more than anything – even though she won her first Grand Slam!

Na finally burst onto the scene after years of being just below the radar when she made the final of the Australian Open. She kept her fantastic form through to the French Open, which she won with aplomb. From there everything was looking great for her – she had won on clay and got to the final on Australia’s hard-court. But since then she has only won 7 tennis matches!

“The year was up, down, up, down,” said Li. “The beginning of the year was like fantastic and fantastic start. And after Roland Garros I think I didn’t win many matches.

“I mean, up and down all the year, so I wish I could do the same level for next year.”