1. @abercro800 Actually it was worse. Woz had only 3 winners in this match. THREE!. In their 2011 re-match, Wozniacki hit 10 winners… in three sets and 0 winners in the 3rd set.

  2. 如果中国请美国华裔超级网球王出山, 中国将轻松拿下2012伦敦奥运会网球女子团

  3. most pusher has a nice attitude.but wozniacki is a pusher with bad attitude.always complaining when something didnt went her way or made a mistakes.likes she hits hundreds of winners before she hit those errors

  4. this is the number one player? hahahahha! no power by any mean! just pure counter punching relying on the opponent’s mistakes! did you guys see the stats for this match? the “number 1” only had 6 winners or maybe a bit more and the match was consist of 3 sets! hahahah

  5. 3:31 what kind of stupid fucking rule is that she drops her hat and its a LET???? where else do you find this retarded ruling. She should’ve lost the point then and there, what kind of B.S. is that.

  6. she’s not as powerful but i think she is a very good player. she can strike pretty fast and has good defense.

  7. I’m really looking forward to the rematch tommorow. Wozniacki needs to come up with something special, cuz from what I’ve seen so far, Na is in superb form and Caro has a hard time dealing with in form ballbashers, so I give Na Li the edge

  8. @AJB3 i agree but when she plays player that move her more around she hits amazing shots..she is player that keeps ball in game and that s it…she will win a slam she s only 20..but she needs to become more agreessive on serves and work on net….

  9. @NadeshikoSoccer So I’m retarded just because I stopped following tennis for a few years? That girl is terrible for a top 20 player, based on the “highlights” I’ve been watching! Bring back Myskina, Dokic and Capriati!

  10. @EmilieSagae Are you retarded?!? SHe’s #1 now

    BTW, Li is so under-rated…she is a true top 5

  11. That girl might not have any weapons, but she’s pretty quick! I bet she can be top 50 one day with a lot of work.

  12. @SkeksisBestSongEver that’s bullshit. when Kim Clijsters was 19, or Serena or Sharapova, they were already hitting very hard, even when they were 16. The physical difference between 18 & 25 on the women’s tour is a lot smaller than on the men’s tour. It’s just Caroline’s style, and it’s a consequence of her technique, she just doesn’t go through the ball like other players, and she doesn’t throw in all her body weight. She probably could hit hard, but that’s not who she is.

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