Passion is the most important thing when making your name in sport, says Li Na

According to Li Na, passion is very important for the kids who want to make their name in sports.

The recently retired player believes that the kids should fall in love with the game.

Li was in Singapore the other day with one of the cabinet ministers of China to pay a visit to Sports Hub.

She spoke to the reporters there. When she was asked about her plans of opening a tennis academy, she said, “All I want through my academy is to make the kids enjoy because that is very important. You cannot be successful for a long period of time without enjoying the game.”

“Some kids go to the academies because they are forced to do so by their parents. Even with me, it was the case. I did not want to become a tennis player, but, because of the family pressure, I pursued. However, I have always felt that the kids themselves have to develop that desire of playing the game. If they don’t love the game and still play, there is a lesser chance of them achieving success.”

When asked how excited she is to head back down under at the start of next year as Australian Open’s friend, Li said, “I am really, really glad. It’s an honour. The people of my country also like Australian Open a lot because the timing of the matches suits them. They can follow the tournament easily.”

“Going to Melbourne has always been fantastic. The people there have always cheered for me. It’s one of the better places that I have ever travelled.”

Li Na had lifted the Australian Open trophy in Melbourne this year and nobody would have thought at that time that she would never compete there again.